Somewhere in Slime Lurks the Hopping Mummy

What happens when a wager you want to win turns into a game you can’t lose? That’s exactly what Pete Wiley is about to find out when he bets that his friend, Ian, could win a field day ribbon. Even with the help of their friend, Reggie, and Ian’s twin sister, Iris, winning was going to be a long-shot. But, as challenging as it sounds, it’s nothing compared to what they’ll face after a mysterious book appears in the Murray Middle School library—and changes reality as they know it.

Derek Wetter is a writer, illustrator, and designer. He’s worked with universities, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. In his debut series, Somewhere in Slime, he takes on the toughest audience known to man—kids.

Although he grew up next to graveyards in eerie Ohio, Derek now resides in sunny San Diego with his wife and three children. The weather is as nice as you might imagine, but he is in constant want of crisp autumns and the need to dress in layers. Beyond writing and drawing; he  enjoys singing bad renditions of 80s songs, sipping on black coffee, and making pretentious popcorn.